how to play

Defeat your opponents and win the tournament!

Basic Controls:
(can be configured on the options screen)

Arrow keys - Walk, Jump, Crouch

Z key - Attack

X key - Counter Attack

Common Techniques:

Block attacks - hold the opposite direction from your opponent

Forward Hop - tap toward your opponent twice

Backward Hop - tap away from your opponent twice

Standing Flurry - press Attack repeatedly

Jump Attack - jump then press Attack

Grab the Opponent - walk toward the opponent

Power Meter:
attacking and being attacked helps your character
build his or her power meter.  You can store up to 3 bars
of power on your power meter.  The higher your power meter is,
the more abilities your character has:

Super Moves (requires 1+ power bars) - specific to each character

Attack Cancel (requires 1 power bar) - during certain attacks
press the Counter button to cancel the move
and increase offensive options

"Crowd Control" (requires 1 power bar) - in the tradition of
Final Fight and Streets of Rage, this move hits all nearby foes who are crowding you.  Press Attack and Counter while blocking an attack.

Character Specific Attacks:
In addition to the above attacks, each character
has his or her own individual attacks and strategies
listed in the character section.


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