A 40 something year old mother tries to protect her daughter from
the allure of a warrior's life.  Does this veteran fighter still have
what it takes to defeat young Bobbi and convince her to finish school?

How to Install:
You need to have the Windows M.U.G.E.N (WinMugen)
program to play mother.
  For info and links about M.U.G.E.N,
check it out on wikipedia.

Once you have M.U.G.E.N. on your PC,
download mother and follow the instructions included with it.

Basic Controls:
(can be configured on the options screen)

Arrow keys - Walk, Jump, Crouch

Z key - Punch

Forward + Z key - Strong Punch

X key - Kick

Forward + X key - Strong Kick

Common Techniques:

Block attacks - hold the opposite direction from your opponent

Forward Hop - tap toward your opponent twice

Backward Hop - tap away from your opponent twice

Striker (requires 1 power bar) - Press Down, Down + Punch and Kick

Guard Escape (requires 1 power bar) - Press Punch and Kick while blocking an attack.

U = Up
D = Down
F = Forward
B = Back

Momma Hart
the morning sunchild reaches high noon!
you'll leave here over my dead body!

Ground Combo - press P,P,K,K
Homicide Border Toss - press DB,D,DF + P, when enemy is standing up
Batista Bomb - F,D,DF + K, when enemy is crouching
Liger Bomb - F,D,DF + P, when enemy is in air
Knife Edge Chops - press D,DF,F + P three times
Grab n' Chop - press Forward when close

Super Moves
Toyota Japanese Ocean Cyclone (requires 1 power bar) - D,DB,B + P + K

Baby Fat (requires 2 power bars)
- in air press D,D, P + K

Spear (requires 3 power bars)
- F,D,DF + P +

Bobbi (Roberta Lynn Hart)
wandering blood flows through a smoking heart!
dreams of a modern day cowgirl!

Chucks - D,DF,F + P
Sykes Sway - D,DF,F + K
A Real Woman's Punch - during Sway press P
Game of Death  - during Sway press K
pSyko Uppercut Combo- P,P,K,F+P
Air Combo1- in air press P,P,K,K (special timing)
Air Combo2- in air press D+P,K,K (special timing)
Air Combo3- in air press D+P,D+K (special timing)
Air Combo4- in air press P,P,D+K (special timing)
Enter the Dragon - press Forward when close

Super Moves
Hella Chucks! (requires 1 power bar) - in air press, D,DF,F + P + K
Fists of Fury/Chinese Connection
(requires 1 power bars) - D,DF,F + P + K
Way of the Dragon/Return of the Dragon (requires 3 power bars) - D,DB,B + P + K, then press P repeatedly


"teaparty" character animation, backgrounds, and music by Emezie Okorafor
Copyright 2008