how to play

Defeat your opponents and win the tournament!

Basic Controls:
(can be configured on the options screen)

Arrow keys - Walk, Jump, Crouch

Z key - Attack1

X key - Attack2

Common Techniques:

Block attacks - hold the opposite direction from your opponent

Forward Hop - tap toward your opponent twice

Backward Hop - tap away from your opponent twice

Jump Attack - jump then press an Attack button

Power Meter:
attacking and being attacked helps your character
build her power meter.  You can store up to 3 bars
of power on your power meter.  The higher your power meter is,
the more abilities your character has:

Super Moves (requires 1+ power bars) - specific to each character

"Guard Escape" (requires 1 power bar) - Press Attack1 and Attack2 while blocking an attack.

Character Specific Attacks:
In addition to the above attacks, each character
has his or her own individual attacks and strategies
listed in the character section.


"Teaparty" character animation, backgrounds, and music by Emezie Okorafor
Copyright 2008