The Chicken - Diabolical chicken
Mai - Female ninja
Jubei - Male ninja, older brother to Mai
Nakyu - Male ninja, friend to Jubei and Mai
Master Hanzou- Master of Mai, Jubei, and Nakyu
Clone Mai - Various clones of Mai
TD-2 Security Bot - Robotic security system

Part 1: A Chicken Invention
The Chicken receives a call from his extraterrestrial boss.  They aren't happy that he hasn't completed his mission (retrieving a DIABOLICAL weapon that was lost on Earth), and they want an update on his progress.  The Chicken reveals to them an exciting new invention...a cloning machine.

But, what should he clone?

The Chicken decides to call upon his favorite mercenaries for hire,  the "Rent-a-Ninjas".  He plans on using them as cloning subjects.  However, things don't go as planned...

Part 2: Clone on the Loose
  The Clone of Mai steals the cloning device, and plans on making an army of clones.  The real Mai sets out to put a stop to this...

Part 3: The Weapons Factory
Mai, Jubei, and the Chicken follow the clones to the New Age Weapons Facility.  When they arrive they find the clones fighting against a blast from the past...TD-5000 security robots.  In a previous comic, when Mai and Jubei tried to break into the weapon facility, they got their butts handed to them by a TD-2 robot.

So, how will Mai, Jubei, and the Chicken deal with both the clones AND the security robots?

To be continued...

But, not really. 

Because, I never finished this story.  We'll never know how it ended...

I was in junior high.  Sorry.  I know you're so disappointed...