Beep Beep

The Chicken - Diabolical chicken
John Doe - Good Guy
Rick Xykes - Good Guy
Halloway - Good Guy
Mai - Rent-a-Ninja
Jubei -
Rent-a-Ninja, older brother to Mai
Nakyu -
Rent-a-Ninja, friend to Jubei and Mai
Master Hanzou- Master of Mai, Jubei, and Nakyu
TD-2 Security Bot - Robotic security system

Part 1: Introduction
The three heroes finish their workout at a local gym, and they are jumped by the Rent-a-Ninjas.  Then they find out who "payed" to have them killed.  Sadly, sketch books don't have spell check....

Part 2: Meet the Chicken
The heroes finally come face to face with their nemesis...

Part 3: The Weapons Factory
Mai, Jubei, and Nakyu visit the New Age Weapons Facility to steal some high powered weapons for their Rent-a-Ninja clan.  However, they run into a little resistance...the sadistic TD-2 security robots.
Hide your children.