Excerpts from the comic entitled "Damsel"


Katherine Hart (Kit) - Damsel in Distress
Rick Sykes (Xykes) - The Valiant Knight
Agu Maximus - The Bag Guy
Morrigan - The Right Hand Woman
Halloway, Jr. - The Vengeful Shadow
Lynn (Dragon) - The Bodyguard
"John Doe" - Mystery Man
Kuragari Ninjas- Agu's minions


Part 1: Introduction

Rick Sykes' little brother, Bobby, and friend, Kit, are both missing.  He has a pretty good idea who's behind it, too:  that cursed Kuragari Organization.  Rick drives up to the Crystal Tower (the massive Kuragari headquarters) and confronts the Bad Guy running the operation.

Part 2: Flashback 1

The captured Kit reminisces about her past.  Growing up with a freight train like Rick has made her tough.  But, tough enough to escape her present captors by herself?

Part 3: Rick vs Agu
Rick tries to beat some answers out of the Bad Guy and is initially unsuccessful.   Until a certain word
uttered by the Bad Guy catches Rick's attention...

Part 4: Flashback 2
Rick reminisces about the time Kit taught him an powerful lesson.  A lesson about the word "heart"....

Part 5: Surrounded
Rick is ambushed by the Bad Guy's minions!

Part 6: Dragon charmer, Kit escapes!
Since Morrigan torched Kit's clothing, the gentleman Lynn gives her a Kuragari ninja outfit to wear in the meantime.  However, Kit escapes and uses the outfit to disguise herself...

Part 7: Surrounded again
Rick and Halloway are overwhelmed, how will they get away?  A mystery man appears...

Part 8:  Cover is blown
Kit faces off against an "interesting" Kuragari ninja

Part 9: Home free
Escape is in sight!

Part 10: One more thing
A final fight...