The Kuragari Saga

Meet Agu Maximus (The Bad Guy) and his powerful
Kuragari ninja clan.  His sights are on the promising young fighter Rick Sykes, and the Kuragari don't take 'no' for an answer.  Meanwhile, a violent war between an unwilling angel and a deviant devil is waged...

Character Profiles
Background info on the key players

Part 1: "Loser"
(created circa 2001)
Get a glimpse at why Bobby is so sad...
This one gets a pretty heavy at the end, so steer clear if you can't take it...

Part 2: "Fightin' Dirty"
Rick's brother, best friend, and dreams...all stolen in one night.
Another one with a heavy ending...not for the squeamish...

Part 3: "Damsel"

(created circa 2002)
Damsel 1 kidnapped by Damsel 2.  Valiant Knight sets out to rescue Damsel 1.
Valiant Knight finds Damsel 1.  Valiant Knight gets put in choke hold by Damsel1.

They live happily ever after.

Part 4: "Bobby's Jacket"

(created circa 2003)
Angels and devils are ultimately destined to destroy each other...
Perhaps this is why Bobby and NUTT can't help but clash...a greater force is at work...