Excerpts from the comic entitled "Loser"

Katherine Hart (Kit)
Rick Sykes (Xykes)
Bobby Sykes
Lynn (Lin) the Dragon
The Krunky Punks! - NUTT, BLADE, and TINY

Part 1: Rick vs Lynn

Rick faces off against the Dragon for the world championship title.  After much arguing and pleading Rick convinced Kit to be in his corner for the fight...but still, Kit doesn't quite understand all the excitement.  What are these fighter's searching for?  Why do they fight with so much passion?

Part 2: Meet the Krunky Punks!
They were "Krunk" before I ever heard Mary J. Blige utter the word...

Part 3: Passion
What dreams do you hide deep inside?

Part 4: Meet the Krunky Punks, again!
After thinking about things, Kit wants to apologize to Rick.  But, Bobby says he'll go find Rick by himself.  While Bobby is gone, the Punks attack a "helpless" Kit.

Part 5: Bobby, the real loser
After getting his butt dominated by Kit, NUTT has finally gained the upper hand (by cheating, of course).  But, Bobby and Rick will always have Kit's back...in life and in death...