The Kuragari Saga

Agu Maximus
Agu Maximus

Boring.  Everywhere he traveled, he saw the same thing...the plight of mankind.  He already had his fill of THAT nonsense.  So, not surprisingly, his most poignant memory while wandering the globe was not that of a human...but, rather that of a tiger. Traveling through Asia, he had been impressed by their ferocity and strength.

Tigers were not native to his home continent...and yet, he felt a natural connection with these proud creatures...

Years later, when his dark empire rules the criminal world, the name "Agu Maximus" demands respect from countless.

"Agu" - "Tiger" in his native language Igbo
"Maximus- "Great" in Latin

The self proclaimed Strongest Tiger is born...

Kit Hart
Katherine (Kit) Hart

Her life would be so normal...if it weren't for all those abnormal people around her.

Rick SykesRick Sykes

The Greatest.  Or so he says.   Unfortunately, Agu might agree...making Rick Sykes a wanted man...

No one turns down the Kuragari.

Bobby Sykes

Decidedly less outgoing than his older brother, Bobby just wants to be left alone.  But, shyness is not a doctor's note excusing you from fate...


An orphan with an unspeakable past who was found by Agu in the streets of
India.  Over the years she has stood by his side while he developed his villainous empire, and now she stands as his right hand woman.  While Agu controls the technique of red flames within his fists, Morrigan has learned to radiate electricity from her body, making her a fearsome member of the Kuragari clan.

Though she'd never admit it, her charred soul possesses two soft is her adoptive father Agu.  The other...

John Doe

John Doe

A mysterious man encased in mysterious living armor.  His strengths are extraordinary...and he has major beef with Agu Maximus...


Hawaiian ninja and former member of the Kuragari clan.  His father, Halloway Sr., was Agu's mentor, savior, and best friend.  Yet, Agu is widely credited as the man who killed Halloway Sr., taking his place as Kuragari Leader.  How can this be?  Is there more to this story?

Doesn't matter.  All that matters is how Halloway Jr. is going to avenge his father's death with Agu's death.   And, if his "sister" Morrigan tries to stop him...he'll just have to kill her, too...right?

Lynn Dragon

A world renowned circus performer, martial artist, poetry fiend, and gentleman.
After his hollow "victory" over Rick Sykes, Lynn is disillusioned with doubt.  In a moment of weakness, he decides to join Agu's forces as a bodyguard.  But, Lynn really isn't partial toward Agu's criminal causes...Lynn is simply in it to test his skills.

Afterall, the Kuragari are supposed to be s tough bunch...maybe working with them will make him strong enough to defeat Sykes cleanly next time...

Mina Mina

The undisputed, #1 fan of Rick Sykes.  She was expelled from an earlier school for fighting too much.  Now she wants her idol to help teach her discipline.


Leader of the Krunky Punks!
50% Canadian, 50% Taiwanese, 100% out of his mind and stuff.
Filled with so much rage, that it wouldn't let him die
when he was literally stabbed in the back.
  His hatred overcame his mortal soul,
dragging him unwillingly back to world of the living.

BladeBLADE (Michael)

Devoted member of the Krunky Punks.  A master of all things sharp,
he pledges complete loyalty to his comrades, because he feels they are all he's got...


The slightly narcoleptic enforcer of the Krunky Punks.
As usual, the big guy turns out to be the gentlest
and most level headed of the group.
But, when called into action by his leader NUTT,
there is no hesitation...

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