Fightin' Dirty

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Katherine Hart (Kit)
Rick Sykes (Xykes)
Mina Kim - Rick's greatest fan
Agu Maximus - The Bag Guy
Morrigan - The Right Hand Woman
Halloway, Jr. - The Vengeful Shadow
Lynn (Dragon) - The Bodyguard
Kuragari Ninjas- Agu's minions
NUTT, BLADE, and TINY - The Krunky Punks

Part 1: Introduction

Months have passed since the tragic battle with the Krunky Punks, in which Bobby Sykes' was forced to kill the devilish NUTT.  But, when all the smoke had cleared, there was no body to be found.  Was the whole targic event just a dream?  Speaking of dreams, Rick has decided to follow his own, and has bought a martial arts school.

Part 2: Vengeful Shadow

Agu Maximum, leader of the Kuragari, was impressed with Rick's last fight against the Dragon.  Agu considers recruiting Rick, but the discussion is cut short...
Meanwhile, Bobby's conscience stirs...

Part 3: Mina Kim
Rick's Dojang gets two female visitors...

Part 4: Secret Agent?
Note: Video gamers might recognize that the beginning of this section
was inspired by Law's ending in Tekken Tag Tournament...

Part 5: Calm before the Storm
Bobby's conscience gets the best of him...

Part 6: Fightin' Dirty
Kit and Bobby fight for their lives

Part 7: Stolen